Drinks On A Tuesday And A Roadtrip

Hello Internet!

I hope you’ve had (or are having) a splendid Tuesday.

Me and Felicia jumped in a car and drove to my grandmother’s house to drink coffee and eat some of her delicious food – grandmas are the best. First we got on the wrong (longer) road but it turned out to be so beautiful that we decided to take the extra time to drive on it anyway.

Have you been up to something fun or eventful today?

Now we’re at home and are going to watch a movie. I love films in the summer! It feels so much like a vacation then. And, you know, we are on vacation anyway so… Cheers?

Drinks 1

Drinks 2

Drinks 3

Drinks 4

Talk to you soon!

Postcards From A Lawn

Hello Internet!

I hope you’re all having a great time!

And, of course, a wonderful Friday.

I’m celebrating Midsommar with a couple of friends.

This is what I’m up to right now:

No further explanation…

Talk to you tomorrow!

Ice Cream Break

Hello, Internet!

How are you today? Feeling the happy Thursday vibe? 

I’ve been preparing for Midsommar, which is tomorrow, with Felicia. For us that has meant a lot of cleaning. Our home is close to spotless, but not yet. I’m taking a break just now, with ice cream because that makes everything better (right?).

Remeber how I hoped that you had some mango sorbet yesterday? Today I bought exactly that – and three more kinds of ice cream. Amongst them this:

Oh how I love me a sandwich! It might be my favorite but I’m not sure. I’m the kind of person who’s gonna change their mind every second or so.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Do you have any favorite flavors?

Now I need to continue with the cleaning. Go me woop woop!

Talk to you tomorrow, Internet.

Catching A Bird, The Mission

Hello, Internet!

Wednesday. That is the day today. How are you? I hope you’re all sipping on some exotic drink or munching on a mango sorbet.

I’ve just gotten home after carrying five bags from the supermarket. My hands are aching, my arms are aching, my back is aching, and I most certainly intend to whine about it all.

Poor, poor me.

(I do know there’s no reason to pity me. But still, whining feels soooo good.)

And now for something completely different! #montypython

The other day, me, Felicia, and a friend of ours had a picnic in a park. On a bench thingy though. Hm, perhaps that can’t be counted as a picnic? Let’s do it anyway.



It was great weather and I ate donuts. What’s not to love? I think about sixty percent of my entire daily use of insulin went to the donuts that day. Totally worth it.

We had quite a few visitors to come by too – in the shape of feathers and claws. They’re too cute. I seriously can’t handle the cuteness of little birds, they’re all annoyingly cute.

cute bird.jpg

Aaaaaargh, so tiny and super cute!!

You know when something is so cute that you just get angry? I mean… It’s a reality. But they were all very distant and I wanted a closer look.

So, we went on a mission: To get a close up picture of one of these critters.

First, we set up a bait:

number one.jpg

Can you see it? Tiny crumbs of bread on top of the bag.

Secondly, we waited.

Then, all of a sudden something came flying towards us:


“Aha! It’s happening!!!”

It wasn’t. The (cute little) bird decided to stay in the tree.

But suddenly this happened (a lot of “happen” in this post). I’ll show you in two steps:


number two.jpg


number three.jpg


I was honestly so happy. It didn’t become a super close picture, but still – it definitely counts as a success.

Can we please also take a moment to appreciate our thermal bag, that can be seen in the right corner of the picture above. I love it. Pineapples and other fruits in various colors. It’s rocking the ugly-pretty-charming style.

I hope you’ve had a great Wednesday and that it’ll continue exactly like that, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!