A Body On Fire And Gluten Free Bread

Hello, Internet!

How are you today? Good? Good.

I’m feeling this strange heat in my body. I’ve checked my blood sugar so many times but it stays at a good level. Hm… It’s a good thing this day is a recovery day (running wise) so that my body can rest for a bit and hopefully get rid of these strange heat waves. It’s like my muscles are on fire – but not in a I-can-run-for-seven-hours-without-stopping way.

Anyhow, the most interesting thing that’s happened around this house today was when Felicia baked some gluten free bread and I snooped around to document it all. Note: we’re not gluten intolerant.

It turned out awesome, by the way. Some people just have it, you know? I’m not one of them I’m afraid. The butter, flour, and everything wants to flee once they see me.

“OH NO!”

“It’s her again!”

“She who burns it aaaaaall!”

“Flee for your lives, fleeeeeeeeeee!”

Something like that.

baking dough.jpg

baking bread.jpg

newly baked bread.jpg

Now we’re off to a birthday party and I’m looking like this:

outfit ootd.jpg

There, in the corner. You see me? Yes. Hello 👋

Take it easy, you guys and I’ll talk to you soon.

Check In

Hello, Internet!

I just wanted to do a quick check in.

How are you today and what have you been up to? (That sounded an awful lot as if I was accusing you of something, didn’t it?)

I’ve been strolling around.

Buying strawberries.

Picking flowers.

Eating focaccia.

Writing on my project for a bit.

Oh! And I chopped my hair off. Yup, just like that.

It’s been a good day.

Yes, Thank You, I’ve Got Something To Say

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing today? It’s Sunday yet again – what a surprise! At least, that’s literally how I feel eeevery single weekend.

Like everybody else in this world I’m simply trying to avoid suffering, hopefully, achieve some sort of contentment, and give something back to the world (preferably a wisdom of some sort). But it’s not that easy, is it?

Yes, thank you, I’ve got something to say. To my brain.

Hello, Brain! What’s up? Apparently a whole lot of yada yada yada.

Because here’s the thing, saying that you want to be content, happy, and/or something else is super sweet on paper but in real life, there are so much more to consider. It’s a scrubby, rocky road, life is. It’s complicated, it’s frustrating, and, quite frankly, it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.


mountain trail.jpg

See this footbridge? How clean, flat, straight, and simple it is? Yes? Yup, that’s nothing like life.

But why am I saying this? Everybody already knows. Let me tell you why in the shortest way I can: Because it really doesn’t matter what we know as long as we don’t understand it.

For instance, I know that material things won’t make me essentially happy. But I still want that car (I’m really into cars at this very moment, can’t help it – four wheels and a metallic cover is like the ultimate porn).



Life, in its own complicated and complex way, should be fun. It should be a crazy process of mistakes and rightful choices, of good intentions and really ugly outcomes. And yet, I and so many with me, struggle to enjoy the ride.

“When I’m older, eeeeeverything will have worked out just fine. Then I’ll know what to do.”

“After I’ve fulfilled this particular part of *insert whatever suits your interests* I’ll be so secure and great!”

Essentially, the problem is my thinking – aka my brain.

It talks.

It chatters.

It has freaking parties up there alongside with Gloom, Anguish, and Frustration. Hey, guys.

These lovely fellas are easily fed by whatever comes by. A bad result? A weird world? Strange decisions? I believe – or you know, ascribe – some of it to external circumstances but it’s still my job to be the watcher of my thoughts (as it’s beautifully presented in meditation). This is hard at times, as when a nazi party is demonstrating in our city. This happened yesterday. It made me sad, upset, and angry – as it should. The problem is when the feeling of being despondent lingers instead of lighting up a fire of change. The will to make this world a better place.

I want to be free from my thoughts, from the savage parties in my brain, and from whatever keeps me from contentment and from changing the world at least a little bit.

So many of us want this. Still, I and so many with me, struggle with the understanding of taking control of our own actions and thoughts. It’s tough. No, no, let me correct that: It’s brutal. Wildly brutal.


queen of the world.jpg

Let’s make an effort to snap out of it together, shall we? Create a better world for us and others alongside with each other.

I like that thought. Good boy, Brain, good boy.

Running As A Way Of Coping

Hello, Internet!

How are you all today? Great, I hope!

I’m currently watching a documentary about running, which is awesome! I’m a lover of running, it’s just the perfect way for making my thoughts to – I’m sorry – shut the f*ck up.

Thoughts are so sneaky. They creep up on you like a bug under your clothes. Sneaky, sneaky. And then they bite. Hard.

You know, we all have our issues and we all need our ways of coping with the various issues we have.

Running really works for me. I think it does because it is partly fun and partly hurts (so much) and that distracts me from whatever I’m thinking of.

Running is freedom for me.

Okay, so this quickly turned into a pitch… That was not the intention. I’m sincerely sorry for everyone who hates running and stumbled upon this post.

Here’s a picture of a flower (or actually it’s a herb), named the same as me, to break the trend:

What are you doing this lovely little Wednesday?

And remember: Swim calmly.

A Night Café 

Hello, Internet!

How are you today? Ffffffffriday!! Happy, good, or at least mediocre I hope.

Yesterday, I experienced something quite different. We ment to go to the Rocky horror picture show with an interactive audience but as it turned out, the tickets were sold out. So sad.

The problem was that the clock showed 22:50 and we didn’t want to go to a club, or a pub, or anything of the like. (That’s more of this day’s business.)

This led us, quite unexpectedly, to a night café. 

That is, a proper café with coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, and all – but only opened at evening and night time. 

Even though our plans didn’t go too well, this made up for it big time.

Today, in contrast, has been all about dodging the rain and devour deliciously beautifully made drinks.

Hope you’re all doing fine.

Swim calmly and happy Pride!