Racism In The Middle Of Everything

Hello, Internet!

Monday, Monday, hello again. How are you doing today? “You”, as in you and not the Monday. Even though I’ve got a feeling that nobody really asks Monday how they’re doing. Seems sad.

Hello, Monday! How are you doing today?


Anyway, I’m upset, you guys. Like really, furiously upset. Right down to my very bones.

I’ve got Italian class on Mondays and uni is on the other side of town meaning, I need to cross the city center to get to class. It’s a pretty small town, it’s not like “the other side” is an hour away but still, it’s a walk.

So, I usually walk with plenty of time on my hands. Just in case I need to buy an unintended extra coffee on the way in (I always do) or, you know if I have to walk into a bookstore just to check out the new selection (which always happens).

This also means I’m walking through town when it’s at its absolute busiest moment. Right when everybody quits work and finishes school.

Today, whilst walking on the busiest road something upsetting happened. The reason why I got furious then and why I’m still furious right now.


It was extremely busy and so many people trying to walk at a reasonable pace to wherever they’re intending to be. Infront of me were two boys talking in another language than Swedish – nothing uncommon there – and they were both pretty young, which makes the rest of the story even worse.

Because out of nowhere, this woman in her mid-fifties says to one of the two boys:

“You know, there was a Swedish guy who was robbed over there – perhaps it was you.” Obviously implying that the boys she was addressing were not Swedish – which, by the way, they were. And, quite frankly what difference does that make anyway. False, wrong accusations everywhere.

So, unacceptably offensive. And it gets worse.

The second after – when the boys, who neither had done anything to even set the woman off, protested against the accusation – she, again, acted like an inhuman being stating that they were both “svartskallar” which is an extremely violent racist term in Swedish.

I immediately stepped in front of the two boys and told the woman that it was definitely not okay to say these things. That she was wrong and that she should ap-

And then she runs off. Like, literally crams her way through the mass of people walking hastily away.

Because I thought I hadn’t had the time to really explain to her in how many ways she was a complete moron, I went after her. But she sneaked away into a store and I was in a real hurry (I had already bought my because-I-have-time-coffee and didn’t have the time to wait any longer before getting my ass to uni) so I walked away as well.

And now I’m thinking that, that was really stupid of me. I should’ve: 1) Either went after the woman into the store, or 2) Said something to the accused boys.

What really makes me sad was that right when I went after the woman I heard one of the boys tell the other one that he got genuinely sad about what she’d said. Of course! How could you not?

Color splash

God, I’m so angry!!! (I’m adding these pretty pictures to calm me down.)

The racism in Sweden is creeping me out. No, actually, it’s scaring the shit out of me.

I don’t know, Internet. This world needs to be more loving, appreciative, and kind. Now.

Swim cool.


Beating A Stain And Partying (Possibly Not At The Same Time)

Hello, Internet!

It’s Saturday! I’m so happy about that fact. Saturdays are awesome. They’re that day of the week that says “everything is okay, you can relax, or dance, or be completely wild, or do whatever you like”. Very much unlike Tuesdays that, as you know, more or less screams “GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER”. Damn you, Tuesdays, you’re so freakishly aggressive.

Anyway, how are you today? Doing fine? I hope so.

I’ve been having a serious battle with a stain on a shirt of mine. Oh, the struggle. I’ve been on my knees, washing and beating the shit of that stain with every kind of laundry detergent known to mankind.

I did even shout a few impressively uncivilized sentences at one point in the laundry-drama.

At this point, the shirt is hanging outside (on our balcony) and drying. I don’t know if it’ll actually dry though, considering the fact that it’s no more than 9 degrees Celsius outside… If it dries I hope it’ll reveal a non-stain. If it doesn’t dry, the noise of a loud hairdryer will be of my doing.

And if the stain is still there… I swear that shirt will be in big freaking trouble. Yes, that’s a threat.


So, do you have any Saturday plans? (“Saturday plans” includes sitting on a sofa, binge-watching Big Mouth or whatever you prefer, of course.)

We’re heading out to celebrate a friend of ours who’s just turned 25. Welcome to the 25-side of life!

Therefore, I need to prepare myself. Because I’m really an 85-year-old lady in disguise I have a few steps to go through.

  1. Move the last cup of coffee to three hours after its standard-time. Actually, drink a lot of coffee all evening.
  2. Make sure all clothes are chosen and non-stained (I’m talking to you, shirt!) at least five hours before heading out.
  3. Have something in your stomach and don’t forget to bring dextrose and insulin. Don’t forget the insulin, that’s such a bad idea.

My (physical and mental) primer for tonight is 1-liter gazpacho. Just the best soup of all times. I’m having a huge glass beside me right now. And before you ask, yes, of course, I drink gazpacho from a glass – how else are you supposed to do it?

You should always begin a full night’s party with food. Gazpacho and perhaps a breadstick, that’s mine for today. But I’m not saying no to some pasta and/or pesto with feta cheese. Feta cheese in a pesto pasta is freaking amazing.


Swim cool, you guys and don’t forget to turn the music up. Dance the night away!

Talk to you tomorrow.

Moving Abroad Series | 3

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing? Happy Friday!!

We’re in the midst of deciding which dinner we’re having. This is a far more complicated task than you might think of it to be.

For instance, the words “you choose” are a big lie. In our case, it’s a lie from both parties. (There are a very limited number of days when the “you choose” has actually been valid and true. One time when I actually didn’t care about what restaurant we’d choose and one time when I new the film didn’t matter because I was going to fall asleep anyway.)

We’re considering to eat two different dinners, but eating them together. I feel like this is a common solution in a couple 🍔+🍕=😋

Anyhow, the entire moving abroad thing is beginning to feel really real. You know, as in “it’s actually happening!!” instead of an absent dream of moving somewhere that’s not Sweden.

Single leaf



I went for a walk the other day (as one usually does) and then it suddenly hit me. In the midst of a rain of a thousand brightly colored leafs, I got this image of me and Felicia, sitting on the beach eating french fries.

At that very moment, I realized that we’re actually moving away.

I think it had something to do with me thinking about how this weather is both beautiful and rather depressing. And how we need to move out from our current apartment anyway and what would happen after that and… I don’t know. Thoughts popped up and there we were, sitting on the beach.

The second after, I was daydreaming about us sitting on the airplane, sipping on delicious airplane-coffee (those of you who’s traveled before – you know what I’m talking about).

I think that those are the moments that I come back to time and time again. That moment when we’re in the actual plane with a one-way ticket.  And that moment when we’re sitting on the beach in early spring, enjoying french fries and the sun.

I’m telling you, I’m getting really excited!

And so scared.

I guess it’s all in order, then.

Swim cool.

“Don’t Be Depresso, Drink Espresso”

Hello, Internet!

I just got home from French class. It went pretty well today! I didn’t frenchinize any Italian and I didn’t fall asleep.

I did, however, get a few words right (even a sentence at one point) and I’m feeling like it’s going in the right direction.

All whilst sipping on my coffee. Speaking of which:

Here’s the coffee shop I mentioned in an earlier post. That aaaaand its wonderful quote.

“Don’t be depresso, drink espresso.”

What’s not to love??

don't be espresso drink espresso.JPG

Visit them for an amazing coffee, if you’re in Uppsala.

I hope you’ve had an amazing Wednesday.

Swim cool.

Going With The Flow – What Flow?

Hello, Internet!

How are you today?

I hope the Tuesday has been kind to you.

I’m listening to French radio because I feel like that’s exactly what I need when darkness falls as early as it does this time of year. Especially when I’ve got work to do.

Because Felicia works evenings most days, so do I. I reason like this: It would be quite worthless to work during the day and then be done by the time she goes to work. Especially considering that I get to choose my own work hours.

This means I usually have the mornings and day-days free and then work from afternoon until bedtime.

And you know what I’ve come to realize?

I suck at going with the flow.


Going with the flow such as not thinking about work until I’ve worked but actually be like “oh, I’m free now”.

Just like I’ve got some pretty brilliant personal traits (such as being able to foresee when the stoplight will turn green two seconds before it actually does) this is one of my worse.

Instead of enjoying my free time I can’t get over the fact that I’m going to work later in the evening. So I put my entire existence on hold until work’s done and then like I said, it’s time for bed.

I simply can’t get over the fact that I’m not done until I’m done, you know?

So destructive.

Therefore I’ve put up some new rules for myself.

  1. I’m not allowed to check my work email before I actually begin to work.
  2. I’m not allowed to work before I work. (This is a real problem.)
  3. am allowed to have a good time without bad conscience during the daytime.
  4. must dance around a little bit to get endorphins. Preferably during lunch time.

This is my plan. Solid.


Today I went for a walk. Followed a path I hadn’t explored before and embraced rule number 4 when nobody could see me.


Swim cool.