My New Address |

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing today?

Me? I’m EXCITED!! Because -> Changes are being made!!

I’ve gotten a new address for this blog which is now

I hope, hope, hope that you’ll want to follow me over there. I’ll be waiting. Not in a creepy way but in a more welcome-I’ll-give-you-cinnamon buns-kind-of-way.

Important information: Note that this blog will no longer appear in WordPress.coms “Reader” (but instead the new and that all of you wonderful people who have subscribed to me via the follow button, will not receive any further email notifications of my latest posts.

Sad but true.

However, FEAR NOT! I’ve got you covered. As I see it there are three brilliant options:

  1. You subscribe to me via Bloglovin’ instead. (Some of you have already done this and to you, I offer a hug and this emoji combination: 🦄🌻)
  2. You subscribe to an email subscription.
  3. You remember and/or bookmark my new site address to be able to pop in now and then.

All details of this are on the menu of the new place. Just click the three stripes (or are they lines? Hard to tell) beneath the header image. Also, I’ll attempt to migrate all readers from this site to the new in a few days. How this will work out, I do not yet know.


It’s an important, yet freakishly scary, step to take for me in the blogging world and to be honest, I would feel a lot safer if you were there. Otherwise, I would feel as if I’m speaking into a giant void of nothingness. And who wants that?

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate — and have appreciated — all of your support, lovely comments, and brilliant reflections. It would be too sad if this would end now. So I most certainly hope that you’ll read this blog post and hop along with me to my new site.

Anyway, you guys. I guess I’ll see you over there.

Be safe, take care, and most of all: Swim cool.



Week 9.

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing? What are you up to? Except surviving the first day of the new week, of course.

My week started in a very effective manner. I’ve done incredibly much today. Like, a ridiculous amount of work and chores. I deserve a medal (haha).

Hopefully, the rest of the week will be calmer.



💉This week’s medicine

I need to pick up my package from Royal Mail to get my next batch of glucose meters. It sounds boring, and it sort of is, but it’s also fun with new tools!

🍻 This week’s drink

Rosé, rosé, rosé all the way! Just in case the sun stays around. Because as we all know, there will be no rosé without the sun shining. It should be a common rule.

🌱 This week’s plant

I’m researching which plants we’ll want to have in our new flat. I’m excitingly set on big, green leaves. Firstly, because they’re frickin’ beautiful and, secondly, because I think Felicia’s pretty allergic (even though she’s denying it).

🍕 This week’s pizza

Four cheeses. Vegan or simply vegetarian, I’m all set on both. And make no mistake, I will devour them.

🧚‍♀️📝 This week’s writing

Now, when the entire flat-business has turned into a somewhat normal pace and isn’t as much hurry, hurry, crazy as it’s been the last few weeks, I hope to get some good ol’ writing in.

🎥 This week’s series

We’re in deep in Altered Carbon this week. It’s impressively good, to be honest, not that I’d expected anything different. Apart from the vivid, and many, sex scenes, I’m loving it. If you, like me, are into sci-fi? Watch it. When we’ve seen more of it I can probably give you a fairer view, but for now: Just watch it. Do it.

👩‍💻 This week’s blogging

Some exciting things are happening to this blog. Oooooh exciteeed! Why? Because I’m in the process of getting a full-on .com domain to blog from. HOW EXCITING! I’m sorry but I can’t help myself.

Do you have any particular plans for this week or are you just going with the flow?

Swim cool.

My February Favorite Pins

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing today?

Sunday Funday, as they say.


Anyway, we’re almost done with February (already!?) and so there are some things that I’d like to share. For instance, my favorite pins of February.

Every beginning of a new month, I create a new board on Pinterest to put together a bunch of pictures that inspire me in right that moment.

It’s a fun way to keep track of what really interests me and what’s on my mind. Some months it’s all about cute cats and other months the board only consists of clothes, clothes, and more clothes.

This month the board has been filled up with plants, decor, bureaus, and retro outfits. The first three, out of the four things, are probably there, not only because of the interest I have for dark, leafy, pretty things but also because we’re moving next month.



March the 19th, if everything goes as planned, will be our official date for receiving the keys to our new studio flat. HOW EXCITING!?

Anyway, I shouldn’t shout “hello” before going over the stream, as the old Swedish saying goes. But I am so hopeful for this new flat, knock on wood.

932357f4924a7d46ce82b44eb9b81970 (1).jpg


If everything goes as planned, tomorrow we’ll get all papers sorted and we can pop the champagne! Actually, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Buy champagne, buy pizza(s), and eat, drink, and laugh with excitement.

Literally, what you’re looking at, whilst (presumably) scrolling through my board, are images of how I’d like to make our flat look like. It’s super small but super small does not mean you can’t totally fill it up with flowers, plants, and retro decor. Right?



I hope your Sunday’s been kind to you all, and if not: Make sure you snap it on the nose before going to bed.


If you wish to see the entire Pinterest board for February, klick here.

Swim cool.

A Mimosa Update

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing today?

So, it’s Saturday. I had some grand plans for today’s post but as it turned out, that’s not gonna happen today.

Now, you might think the reason for this would be a sad one but no, today’s a joyful day.

Firstly, it was beautiful, sunny weather all day.

Secondly, I had a brilliant breakfast and, overall, a wonderful coffee. Yes, I lied, I had three of them before lunch and not one.

And, thirdly, today’s a time for celebration because….. *drumroll* we got a flat today!!

Knock on wood.

We bought all (two) ingredients for mimosas even though it was too late to drink them (speaking from an etiquette point of view). But what can you do? I was happy and I love mimosas.

Okay, you guys, tomorrow there will be a more decent post. I’m sorry for this ramble.

Swim cool.

Flat Viewing(s) And (No) Time

Hello, Internet!

What’s up? How are you doing?

We’ve been busy, busy, busy all day long. Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to:

  1. Work
  2. Viewing of flat
  3. Work

Hm… When I spell it out like that it doesn’t sound as much. Oh well.

We have another flat viewing tomorrow and I’m so excited! Let’s hope that one’s more suiting. Today’s offer wasn’t exactly what we’re looking for so… It was a no. Sadly but no. At least we got a very dramatic weather today and, not to forget, tiny boxes of cereal. The  proof is in Felicia’s hands.




My hopes are up for me to be able to get in some creative writing in my schedule today but I’m not sure I’ll make it. It’s such a turbulent period, this viewing flats, finding time to work, and settling in.

It’s a tough balance. Some things take a lot longer than you expect them to do. To illustrate the problem, let’s look at a simple phone call to a letting agent.

First of all, chances are that they don’t answer in the first place at all. Then, it’s all about waiting for them to either call you or for you to find the right time to call them again. This is tricky. Because I don’t want to seem desperate by calling every five minutes or so but at the same time I don’t want to seem as if I don’t care. I obviously do care – I want the frickin’ flat. *bang fists on the table*

Secondly, in order to even make that call, you need to have looked up a property you’re interested in. Or, to be perfectly honest, that’s how we’re doing this. Mostly because we’re perfectionists and want to have everything under control, but also because we don’t trust anyone else to take care of everything for us. (Such a bad character move.) And looking up something, with neighborhood, costs, council tax, and whatever more: It takes time.

And there you go, that was three hours right there.


Tomorrow at noon is our next object.

Swim cool.

Nutella Porridge (Because Why Not)

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing?

I’ve recently looked at my food habits, coming here to the UK. “Recently” as, you know, this morning.


Anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion. I eat a lot of Nutella. It’s not that I’ve completely stopped eating healthy, but I’ve definitely added a sh*tload of Nutella to my diet.

Therefore, what’s better than balancing it up? To keep an even score between healthy and unhealthy. Makes sense, right?

Yay! Strawberries!

Jokes aside, I should probably stop adding Nutella to every morning’s porridge.

Okay, I will.

Starting… Tomorrow. Maybe.

Swim cool.