Hello Internet!

How are you doing today?

I’ve just gotten back from a run, been drinking beer in the sauna, and I’m now scented like an entire spa. It’s a pretty amazing day today, I’m not gonna to lie.

I hope you’ve only been doing things that you feel great about too. That’s what Saturdays are for, right?

Anyhooo, I just wanted to quickly check in and say: Happy Saturday! And perhaps also “cheers” to those of you who’s arrived at the sparkling-wine-state-of-mind, like I have.


And now you’re obviously wondering why there are measuring cups hanging on the wall behind me. Well… I’m not entirely sure why either… I should probably question Felicia about it. It’s her old room after all.

Have a wonderfully wonderful Saturday, my fellow Internetians, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Swim cool in the meantime.


Teddy Bear Coming To Life

Hello Internet and HAPPY FRIDAY!

How are you doing today? Excited over the fact that it’s finally the weekend?? I know, it’s frekkin amazing.

I’ve just closed down my work-documents and are planning on opening the wine pretty soon. New Music Friday is already playing loudly from the speakers.

So loud.

Just the right amount of loudness.

I mean, to be fair, it’s not really a true Friday before the music is literally taking over every room of the house. Am I right or what?

Here’s what happens when you leave me alone for a minute, by the way:

teddy bear

I think my installation is pretty good. To be honest, I could probably change my career path right at this very moment. Away from writing and straight on art installations.

The artsy part: “Oh, ah, I wonder how I can make this teddy bear come aliiiiive!”

The other part: “Hm… A teddy bear… Come alive?”

The artsy part: “Yes! Exactly! What a great idea, make the teddy bear come alive!”

The other part: “That’s what you said just before I said it.”

The artsy part: “Ooooh, I see, you’re trying to confuse me, no?”

The other part: “What? No, that’s not at all what I’m doing.”

The artsy part: “I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what you’re doing.”

The other part: “Whatever. Make the teddy bear come alive then.”

The artsy part: “Excellent! I think… He should do something to really come alive.”

The other part: “Yeah, yeah. Come on now, we’ve got actual work to do!”

The artsy part: “Brilliant! He’ll work! Hm… Where did I put that book?” —– “Glasses? Yes! Crossed legs? Of course! Aaaah I can feel how great this is gonna look! This is so much an alive teddy bear. I’m pleased.”

And that’s pretty much what happened.

Swim cool.

Call of Cthulhu

Hello Internet!

How are you doing today?

Boardgames are the best and sometimes the best games are roleplaying. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but no, it’s the very innocent kind of roleplaying involving dice, storytelling, and a huge amount of luck. (But by all means, if you’re into roleplaying in the other way: go ahead!)

Anyhow, I love roleplaying. D&D, Everyone is John, or Call of Cthulhu. I’m in for anyone of them.

And yesterday it was a game of Call of Cthulhu that was in the center of attention.

call of cthulhu 2.jpg

The world of roleplaying is bittersweet. It’s amazingly fun because of all the characters you get to build and the world you enter. Not to forget the immensely powerful feeling of controlling a game! But, it’s also a pretty sad feeling leaving the game behind after a particularly good session. You know, the kind of session where you actually get your own thoughts into action?

It’s the feeling of being one person and then enter another and then suddenly being pushed away by reality. “I’m sorry, but your bus is leaving in five minutes or so.” And all of a sudden the reality you’ve built for yourself, the last five hours, is changed for another.


call of cthulhu1.jpg

For me, that’s the thing that makes me actually feel like this emoji: 😱. It’s the quick change between worlds. Because in one world the dice decide everything and in another world, the dice means absolutely nothing. It’s creepy.

A five-hour session of dungeons and creepy octopuses exchange for a weird world where everyone acts by feelings and instincts and less by logic and emotional intelligence.

In a mindset where a natural 20 means you can do whatever you want, the natural thought of “I can do whatever I want without the dice” seems pretty strange.

“Hey! Did you even roll your dice?”

call of cthulhu 3.jpg

Roleplaying is a fun thing to do. Not because you escape the real world but because it says something about the choices you make.

I don’t know, Internet, I guess I’m confused (as always??).

Swim cool.

Getting Rid Of Furniture And Earning Space

Hello Internet!

How are you doing today?

It’s Wednesday evening for me and I’m sitting here fascinated by all the new space we’ve got.

Aaaand can you guess why we’ve got so much space…?

Yes, that’s right. We’ve gotten rid of a h*ckload of furniture. Earlier today we loaded a trailer with the following: our bookshelves, our kitchen table, our kitchen chairs, our coffee-table and a huge mirror. They’ve all found new homes now. And we’ve earned so much space in return.

But do you know what the funny thing is? That it doesn’t even seem empty. It’s a pretty weird feeling because all of these things are gone and yet our apartment only seems less crammed. It even looks prettier now than before.


I know you already know this from seeing videos about minimalism, but it really is true: Getting rid of unnecessary (and unmeaningful) stuff does not mean your room/home/or however you live, will be empty and lonely. That’s just not how it works, at least not for us.

So, in our new spacious space, we’ll live – and thrive, of course – the last weeks before moving to Brighton. How exciting!? The move is exciting on its own, but it’s also extremely exciting to try living like this, with more space and less stuff.

Or, you know what, I should describe it differently. It should be described like this: More space and more stuff that actually means something or has a purpose. It’s not like we’re throwing away everything. On the contrary, to be fair. It’s all about balance.

For instance, we’re not keeping three different potato-peelers, but we are keeping a special box for memories. Such as memories from our backpacking trip around southern Europe and photographs of every Pride we’ve been to.

Now, I’m going to sway into sleep with some headphones and a new mellow soundtrack I’ve found recently. I hope you’ll have a good night’s sleep as well.

Swim cool, Internet.

Week Number 3

Hello, Internet!

How are you doing today?

We’re at week number three of 2018 already. Jeez, time moves fast, doesn’t it? Kind of impressive actually.

It’s stormy outside today. Actually, I think it is a storm – the newspapers have been out with warnings and everything. It’s cozy inside and cold outside. And out we’ll go.

We visited a friend earlier today and nearly froze to death. Now we’re going to do the same thing again in an hour. Brrr!

Why is windy weather so frekkin cold? It makes no sense (or, you know, it probably does make sense but I just can’t see it at this moment).

On the TV, right now, is Atlantis playing. You know, the movie from 2001? It’s such a beautiful adventure. The music, the environments portrayed, the storyline… I mean, come on! And yesterday we watched Moana (or is it Vaiana? I can never remember – the main character’s called Moana though, right?).


We’re definitely on an adventure spree this week. Probably because we’re moving in less than three weeks. It’s the inner thoughts of change that need to be put into a motion picture. That’s what I’m thinking is the source of this, at least.

Ah well, I’m so confused. We’re listening to the storm outside, we’ve lit up a lot of candles, and we’re watching an adventure. I mean… Hello!

Pretty good setup, indeed.

Pretty good, except the little problem that we’re heading out again. “Too soon”, my toes scream, “we haven’t even been warmed up yet since this morning!”

I feel for my toes, I really do. If I could actually feel them beneath the layer of ice, that is.

Okay Internet, I’m going to end this post with a sentence of my frozen toes.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Swim cool.

My Minimalistic Approach

Hello Internet!

How are you doing today?

I’m off to a dinner/mingle/waving a friend, who’s leaving for New Zeeland for four years, goodbye-sort of thing. Before all of that, and even before I sat down to write this post, I successfully decluttered and organized a massive amount of… Well, clutter.

I was not a particularly minimalistic person from the beginning and, to be honest, I’m probably not that as of now either. But I do have a minimalistic approach to all of this cleaning out, packing down, decluttering.


Like most people, I’ve been storing so much junk. Sooo much junk. It’s not as if I’ve been buying a lot of stuff (she writes just after an entire post dedicated to her new shoes, ahem… Details) but I just haven’t gotten rid of technically anything. Today, as an example, I’ve been throwing away five broken watches – five! And I have no idea why I’ve kept them. It’s not like I even had planned to fix them.

I think I’m the kind of person who ties emotional bonds to practically everything. I’ve been keeping two of my old computers even though they’re both so much out of order that neither of them can even be turned on anymore. It’s ridiculous, really.


Therefore, as we’re moving away from this apartment, for another adventure across the sea – where we’ll most likely be living very small – I’m trying to get rid of unnecessary stuff. You might have guessed that from my earlier posts already. Especially considering my rant about overflowing bin bags.

Felicia is all aboard and set on the same goal as well. Firstly, the things we’re going to keep in Sweden cannot be more than what fits in my old closet in my old room at my parents’. To be fair, it’s a pretty big closet, but it’s the thought of it that matters, in this case.

Secondly, the things we’re going to keep and take with us to Brighton cannot be more than what fits in our previously owned suitcases. I’m all set on only packing necessities and not, as it so easily gets, stuffing my suitcase with clutter.

Our aim? To actually have some true order.

burning skies.JPG

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday.

Swim cool.

Creepy Music And Running On Clouds

Hello Internet!

How are you doing today? Happy Friday!

I’m great, actually more than great. I’m deeply satisfied and I’m excited to run on new tracks with my new shoes. As promised here’s a post all dedicated to my shoes and my running.

Running for me is, as you already know, a way for my head to literally shut up. It sounds really dramatic – and, to be fair, it probably is, to some extent – but it’s really a normal part of my life. Running is my quiet place.

My quiet place is rather peaceful. Not completely peaceful, but rather just so. It’s quiet and calm, it’s beautiful and defrustrating. I’m calling it defrustrating because of all of my frustration that I build up, especially considering depression and anxiety, has to go somewhere, and somewhere is my running.

Running is just as hard or as easy as you make it, at least that’s how it works for me. If I run faster it’ll be harder and if I run slower it’ll be easier. It’s really that simple.

Therefore, I can choose my own way of running depending on what form I have that very day.

Today, my form was excited. I was ready to go. Really, really, really ready to go. Because I was trying: My new shoes.


And I’m happy to say, I absolutely love them. It was as if I was running on clouds.

Right in the middle of my workout, and this was when I was right in the middle of a section of trees, the song switched from an upbeat “you can do this, ruuuuuun”-song to a pretty creepy one.

I’m talking minor, off-key, lonesome lyrics.

In that moment something amazing happened: It started to snow.


It was a sign, I’m sure. I’m supposed to love these shoes and run on clouds forever!