A Master’s Struggle And A Spring Ball


Hello, Internet!

So, I’ve been distant. Yes, I know. Here are three excuses why:

  1. My master thesis is due for Monday.
  2. That is, 7 days to go. My god.
  3. The pressure.

Pretty valid, don’t you think? (Please, don’t answer.)

We did, however, go to a ball to celebrate spring this very Saturday. That was either the best or the worst decision we could make. Best because we got a break from the writing and constant thinking about arguments and footnotes etc. Worst because we got a break from the writing and constant thinking about arguments and footnotes etc.

Here’s a recap of what happened that day:

Ball prep.JPG


Here I am preparing with a patch on my heel before the ball – better safe than sorry!


Me and my gf.JPG

Here we are at the ball. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my girlfriend, my lady, my soulmate looks in the foreground?! All love.

After ball.JPG

Early morning.JPG

And here we are walking home from the ball at 4 am. I was so tired at this point, literally falling asleep the minute we got home. And yes it’s finally that time of year when the sun gets up at 4 in the morning and doesn’t come down until about 23:00. So happy about that!

So close to the time of year when the sun is only down for two hours or so. The best part of Sweden, without a doubt (also the worst because we get to pay for it in the winter when it’s only light for two hours a day – damn you nature’s balance!).

Talk to you next Tuesday! For now, it’s all writing the thesis and nothing else.

Sunset By The River And Walking Home Late

Hello, Internet!

As stated in my last post: It’s a time of essay mania.

Today, for example, we (Felicia and I – as always ❤️🌈) stayed at uni from 08:00 until 21:00. Yes, thirteen hours with two breaks: one for lunch and one for dinner. Phew!

Holt sh*t I’m tired! Whilst walking home I thought I’d fall asleep. I didn’t. But I nearly walked straight into a busstop-sign. Woops.

There are some perks with going home this late at night though. Like this wonderful view:

Beautiful, right?

Now, I’m going to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow. 

Still going strong!

Happy Monday everyone!

To The Essay Cave And Beyond…!

Hello, my fellow internetians!

How’s your Friday!? I hope it’s somewhere between awesome and legendary.

You deserve it!

Me? I’m sitting with my essay (or thesis? I don’t know. My last huge essay before I can get my master’s degree). It’s supposed to be ready/finished/finito in almost three weeks.

Could you hear my nervous laughter when I wrote that?

I’ve got one – only one – song on repeat and I’m, literally, spitting out text.  It’s not that I’m not having the time to take it easy. It’s simply an urge to slither into my essay cave. You know, the place where nothing exists but your subject, your scientific questions, and your five hundred different documents about it all.

(I’m cursing Past Linnéa for all those documents that are all named “this is the right essay document” or “the final essay document”. Shoot me.)

(No, please don’t. No jinx on that one, please!)

I’m living all of my days in the 1920s right now. That is, the time period my essay is about – it’s rather fascinating actually, but I suppose everybody says that about their own research.

Mine is super interesting though, I promise.

The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and we’re all so happy in spring. That sounded ironic, didn’t it? Sorry ’bout that.

Yesterday, I was pissed off because I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful weather outside like everyone else. I thought about how they all had the possibility to sit in a park and laugh and read books. My inner vision looked something like all of those woman-laughing-over-salad commercials.

Then I realized that not everybody had that opportunity and felt really bad.

I wrote five pages in thirty minutes because of that.

Today, Felicia and I, have obtained a package of food-that-makes-you-write-a-better-essay such as mango, halloumi, peanut butter, and a bottle of rosé. Don’t ask me how those things work together. We literally bought what we wanted and this is what happened.

Perhaps we’ll make peanut butter marinated halloumi with mango puré for dessert? And a glass of rosé to go with that?


We’re determined we’re going to have a super cozy Friday with some sort of obnoxious, hopefully eatable, dinner in our essay cave and I hope you’re going to have it just as cozy (but with something tasty and eatable)!


Two Piercings And One Birthday Gift

Hello, Internet and happy Monday!

Today’s been such a good day.

First of all, Felicia and I met up with a friend of ours who we haven’t seen for months. It was amazing to catch up with her. We sat in a café and hid from the, suddenly, super cold weather. Today we’ve had: a) sunshine, b) rain, c) snow, d) sunshine, e) snow, f) rain, and g) sunshine again.

Seriously though, Mr. Weather, what the f*ck are you up to?

Because it’s been so long – and because she’s such a lovable person – she had a birthday gift for me with her. (Thank you! ✨)

… Amazingly wrapped with post-it notes. You’ve got to love that creativity.

Here are two grainy pictures of what I did after that:


Yes! Two new piercings! Woop!

It’s my birthday gift from me to me. Thank you Linnéa! I’m so happy 👸

I hope that your Monday has been good too.

Tallk to you soon, bye!

How To Grow An Avocado | With Reservation For Its Survival

Heeeeeello, Internet!

How are you this Sunday? Have you been taking a walk, tea, or read a book? Either way, I hope you’re doing great today.

I’ve been doing two things of which I’m really proud.

Thing number one: I made a raw carrot cake with frosting – and it’s all vegan. Wuuuut? I’m not vegan myself but I am lactose intolerant, as you know, so an all vegan cake? I’m all for it. Also, because it’s raw the entire cake has the consistency of cookie dough – what’s not to love about that?

It’s literally one of the best things that I’ve ever made in a blender. My frozen margarita smoothie last summer is still number one though. Perhaps I’ll make it again when it’s true summer here.

Anyhow, the carrot cake: The frosting is cashew, honey, lemon juice, and other awesome ingredients and it really tastes so similar to your regular carrot cake frosting. I’m stunned. The frosting is the best part after all.

Thing number two: I’ve given Arnold, the avocado, a new home to (hopefully) thrive in.

Raw Carrot Cake.JPG


It was hard, I’m not gonna lie.

Actually, I don’t even know if it’s going to work. As I’ve already written in the description box to the video: It’s more like a correlation between what to do and what not to do. Obviously, I don’t know what’s what. Or you know, maybe it’s not “obviously” but it certainly is.

Here’s the video:

I hope that the rest of your Sunday will play out exactly as you’d like it to.

Talk to you tomorrow!