Peaceful Piano And Yoga

This has been a calm and relaxing Sunday. I appreciate those moments (/days) when you do nothing but taking it easy, drinking tea and hiding under a blanket. A welcome contrast from the weekend’s craziness.

The playlist that have been playing throughout this day was Spotify’s “Peaceful Piano”. Especially the song Soffia La Notte by Fabrizio Paterlini, it’s so so so so soothing.

I do find it easier to do yoga to the melodies of piano rather than classical yoga music sometimes. Yoga is basically my medication for this society’s stressful nature – and it helps me cope with my anxiety – so today I rolled out the mat before continuing the tea drinking.

Do you have any good recipes for avoiding to get stressed out? I hope you all had an amazing Sunday!


Author: linneaurea

I'm a writer and an (aspiring) author – this is my life. Welcome, don't be a stranger! 👋

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