It’s All About The Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day Internet!

How are you doing?

I’m sipping on a really dry prosecco whilst writing this. I’d say I’m doing pretty great considering.

Today’s been a lovely Valentine’s. I do believe this kind of holiday has an extremely overrated hype around them but at the same time, I’ve decided that I need to celebrate more – and more often. It’s one of those promises Felicia and I have made to each other.

Actually, I believe the spoken promise was to “celebrate life more”. And as it turned out: holidays are great for that stuff. Especially Valentine’s it’s all about the hearts, isn’t it? We’ve really made an effort, even put on a cheesy love playlist on Spotify.

valentine's day.JPG

First, I woke up with chocolate and prosecco next to me because my girlfriend is the absolute best.


Secondly, it was my turn. And I just have one question for you, what is better on Valentine’s than a horribly ugly, yet oddly charming, heart-shaped balloon? Yeah, I thought so. And, obviously, I agree.

afternoon tea

afternoon tea

Then, we had an afternoon tea at Metrodeco here in Brighton. As promised (a lot of promises in this post), I had prosecco with it. Soooo good, you guys. I love me some prosecco.

At this point, it had started raining so bad outside. We got to the café soaking wet and we left soaking wet. Then we turned into actual puddles of water whilst walking home.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Our third project for the day was to buy a cozy dinner and eat it at home, just the two of us.

I’ll try to summarize the walk to the restaurant with two words: Rain. Wind.

And yet, it’s been the best Valentine’s Day we’ve had together. It’s one of those things that get better and better for every year. Possibly because we successively can afford more and more expensive stuff. But probably because the best way to get a great relationship is to spend time together.

Swim cool, and, enjoy your Valentine’s Day.



Author: Linneaurea

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